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To · Risk · Nothing

is to have nothing, know nothing and be nothing

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Did you know it costs to rename an LJ account? Well I didn't until now.

So I would have renamed this, but instead it's becoming friends only. See I want to be able to know exactly who is reading this. Chances are I don't mind you reading it, even if you don't even know me and think I'm just a semi-interesting person. It's people I know who I'm less likely to be okay with reading it.

Anyway, comment to be added.


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I am home sick, and I'm bored. My day was pretty good until my brother got up. I prefer him when he's asleep.
Now he is awake, and not doing school work.
And I am achy and not doing uni work.


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sore achy
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rah rah rah = my brother
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What will your funeral be like?
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Chance of getting into heaven? - 31%
This cool quiz by Leona202 - Taken 17172 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology and Horoscopes

PWNd Lily. Code worked for me.
P.s I have flu and m sick. and need to write an essay... ick.
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Tomorrow is the day. Wish me luck. I'm so sleep deprived I'll probably stumble onto the podium with underwear on the outside of my trousers, my bra on my head and wearing my dads shirt..... classy.

Guess I should maybe write an opening and closing speech huh?

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I got a D on Spanish. A D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still that assignment probably deserved it but.. really.. gees. Just want I needed huh? A frickin' D.

In other news Melissa made my day by responding to that email. I'll let the others have a chance to read it but hehehe YAY! I'm sure one of us will post it.

Wierd how one can be so depressed and stressed out and yet so happy.

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heh thats as far as I get. whin of whining. and then my phone goes off cos I messed something else up.

my mood is ironic, but I can't be bothered switching modes from livejournal.com/portal

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Which HP Kid Are You?

actually pretty accurate.

Except I hate all of you with my Slythy-half-heart.
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Today I am blank... blankity blank blank blank.


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I'm going to tidy my room. It is a humungous mess. I may not be online for a while.... or you know, I'll get sick of it and come back online in an hour. Tell me to finish it off.

My family is nagging. They make me crazy!!


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determined purposeful
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about to be MC 18....
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I don't have happy icons on this thing.. thats not a good sign. Well other than >>>
hehehe that one makes me happy. Soo fab.
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at a computer you dveeb!
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calm Hovering.
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mmm the sound of printing.
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